Information Technology Scholarship Foundation

The Information Technology Scholarship Foundation (ITSF) is a private non-profit school whose focus is to promote for our students a program of personalized instructional experiences.

Students learn English (ESL), computer hardware and software, Internet, self-improvement, leadership, sustainability, and business related skills.

Student-teacher interaction is intensive at first, often individualized, but diminishes as the student reaches maturity.

Classroom settings are used to organize and manage group activities, as groups are taught to work both together and autonomously.

To reach our goals, we focus on the following seven elements: teacher, student, environment, curriculum, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation.

Students are taught to succeed in whatever endeavor they decide, while scholarships are available to ensure all who desire an education are given the opportunity.

Along with our innovated educational programs, working together with our team of foreign and local teachers, students, advisers, and correspondents, ITSF also provides:

  • Employee and Management Consultancy and Training
  • Technology Maintenance and Support Contracts
  • Database and Website Development
  • Secretarial and Administrative Services
  • Recruitment, Staffing, and Employment Services

Presently we are providing services in Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham, while seeking expansion opportunities with qualified affiliates in all provinces throughout Cambodia.

Browse our menu for program details, and please write us with your questions!